[W.I.P] The Unofficial amiibo Collectors Companion

When Nintendo released their amiibo NFC figurines collectors went crazy over them with many models soon becoming sold out and with Nintendo not manufacturing a lot of these models they became extremely hard to find, each new batch of amiibos are greeted with the same response, so its clear that amiibos are more of a collectors device than one for gaming.

The Unofficial amiibo Collectors Companion

Collectors like keeping what they collect in pristine condition, but they also enjoy looking at what they have collected, some people use display cabinets, but if you do not have much room, this is not really an option so you have to store them away somewhere and then go there to look at them, which can be a bit inconvenient if they are at a different location from where you live.

But thanks to this application being created by DefaultDNB which will let you catalogue your collection, put away your amiibos but also let you look at what you own, here are some of the features it has at present and some of its upcoming features:

[+] Music and announcer sfx for each character borrowed from Smash Bros U (props to Crediar)
[+] Blurb per character from Nintendos official Amiibo store.
[+] Quick ticks to see who’s missing from the flow.
[+] HQ artwork from Nintendos official store (temp artwork is in place until Nintendo update their store on release dates)

[+] Favorites view (and possibly other view configurations: removed from this version)
[+] Game compatibility chart (created but has been commented out for now)
[+] Simple animations for flicking through (does it need it?)

Here are some images:

DefaultDNB would like some feedback and suggestions for the application:

[+] Any feed back welcomed!
[+] So far I have had no testers other than my self to play with this, so would be good to have some perspective on this.

So if you have any ideas or suggestions, post below/on the forum :)

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