Wii U CPU |Espresso| Die Photo

The guys over at NeoGaf have recently published a die shot of the Wii U CPU, here is a quote from the source:

What’s going on here?
This is the long awaited sequel to the WiiU “Latte” GPU Die Photo – GPU Feature Set and Power Analysis thread. If you have somehow missed it up until now, why not stop on over for some fervent technical discussion? If you’d rather not, here’s an abridged version of the events leading up: Desperately seeking some technical specifics in the face of Nintendo’s silence, a few GAF posters in the Wii U Technical Discussion Thread banded together in order to raise $200 for a die photo of the GPU from the wizards at Chipworks. Before the transaction was made, however, Chipworks contacted us with some pertinent info. It turns out that it would not be possible to discern the specifics we sought from the top silicon die shots offered on their site. What happened next was quite extraordinary. Chipworks went out of their way to take new polysilicon die shots of both the CPU and GPU (which normally sell for $2500 each) and have forwarded them to us, free of charge, for all to enjoy.

So What Is It?
Espresso is a tri core custom PowerPC design manufactured on IBM’s 45nm SOI process.

Vital Statistics:

  • Die Size: 4.74 x 5.85mm
  • Clock Rate: 1.243125 Ghz
  • 3 MB eDRAM L2 cache:
    Core 0: 512 kB
    Core 1: 2 MB
    Core 2: 512 kB
  • 32 kB L1 Instruction cache
  • 32 kB L1 Data Cache
  • Locked L1 Data cache DMA per core
  • Write Gatherer per core

Other Info:

  • Espresso offers hardware backwards compatibility with Gekko/Broadway, and is very likely based on the same PPC 750 core.
  • 2-way SIMD is done via “paired-singles.”
  • Each core can retire 2 instruction per cycle (note: this is NOT the same as multithreading)
  • In Wii mode, only core 0 is active, and half of its L2 cache is locked

Here is the image:

For more info and a better resolution image of the die shot, make sure you visit the source:
Wii U CPU |Espresso| Die Photo – Courtesy of Chipworks(NeoGaf)

A personal note from me
Thank you Neogaf and Chipworks for doing this for the Wii U scene.

Everyone make sure you visit the source link 🙂