• Beni Rodriguez

    From 23 secs to 8, thats practically a third! Not bad, but still pretty unacceptable!! Common Nintendo, why dont have the menu preloaded all the time on the background, so when someone clicks on the menu, it just appears in 0.1 sec?. Its possible and you know it!

    • TheChosen

      Sorry for the late answer:

      No it`s not possible. Since Wiiu uses a 1 Ghz ARM-processor to handle its OS.

      And UNLIKE PS4/Xbox WiiU CAN RUN its whole OS while being on standby.

      PS4/Xbox one don´t run their OS when they are on standby. They can just download some data.

      WiiU does EVERYTHING in Standby too. Well, everything you program it to do. For example: You get messages, your Gamepad blinks because the OS of Wiiu talks with it etc. Yes, Wiiu can even send Data to your 3DS, while your WiiU is in Standby.

      PS4/Xbox one cannot do that. Xbox One hasn´T even a device with which it could speak with.

      And PS4 can ONLY download some data in standby-mode.

      While WiiU can even talk with the gamepad or access miiverse-data or other things like checking times of games you played (realtime-log, which both PS4/XBox One don´t have 😉

      Conclusion: PS4/Xbox One uses a more powerful cpu for their OS (but also risks frameratedrops in games when the OS needs more processing-power). It makes their OS faster…

      While Wiiu runs its whole OS on a complete DIFFERENT 1-ghz ARM cpu. This kind of cpu is ENERGY-efficient (and the point WiiU drains only 0.5 Watt => new EU-reg) but also slow.

      So. No the PowerPC is NOT usable for OS-processing. The PowerPC-processor is ONLY used when you need it for certain games.

      Otherwise its shut-off.

      You ever had a smartphone? If so, you should know that ARM-processors aren`t exactly fast when it comes to LOADING things. Arm-processors are SLOW. And they have huge loading-screens!