Wii U Kernel Exploit In Action: Game Mods With Cafiine

Marionumber1 has posted a video on YouTube showing a small amount of what their Wii U exploit can do, with their demo video they showed that they could change text in Nintendo Land, the original text said ‘hello’, the new text says ‘Hello GBATemp’, here is the video(Its over two weeks old):

Here is a quote from the description on the video:

A lot has happened in the Wii U scene in the past few weeks. Our hacking group, including me, NWPlayer123, Hykem, and several others, has finally finished our own Cafe OS kernel exploit! This lets us turn our browser exploit into complete control over the PPC side of the Wii U. This lets us do a lot more on the Wii U, such as homebrew loading, running other OSes like Linux, and game modding.

Chadderz did something similar a while back, and developed a tool called Cafiine to perform game file replacement. It works similarly to Riivolution’s RiiFS on the old Wii, streaming file replacements across the network. Since we now had our own kernel exploit, NWPlayer123 decided to try out Cafiine out with a basic text hack. He wrote some converters for the different file formats, used Cafiine to upload the modifications, and it worked!

Of course, a text hack isn’t the most exciting thing we can do to a game. This was just a short demo to show that we have enough control of the Wii U to mod games. When will all this be released to the public, you may ask? It will take some time, as there’s still a lot we have to do. Developing a new WebKit exploit is important, as this only works on 4.0.0 to 5.1.0 right now. The kernel exploit itself will need some find tuning for each version as well. But it should all be released before too long.

As I said earlier, game mods are just one of the things the kernel exploit lets us do. Relys, one of our team members, has been working on a homebrew SDK so people can start writing their own homebrew apps. I’ll eventually look into booting other OSes, which may help jumpstart the Trinux project again. There are so many possibilities with this exploit that we haven’t even begun to discover yet.

Expect all of our stuff to be released sometime soon this year! Once it’s out there, the community is the limit. Together, we can make 2015 a great year for the Wii U hacking scene!


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