Wii U Summer System Update Pushed Back To The Fall

Update v3.1.0 U available now, but it’s not the big one
Nintendo has pushed update v3.1.0 U to Wii U consoles worldwide, but it’s not the big Summer update we were all expecting — that now seems to have been delayed until later in the year.
v3.1.0 U comes with some stability and performance upgrades, and permits SpotPass to function even while the system is on standby. The update also allows for the download and installation of software updates while the console is powered down. System updates can also be downloaded when the console is off, but don’t install automatically — instead, they are applied when the machine is next switched on.
According to Nintendo, another update — presumably the big one — will be available between “the end of September and beginning of October”.

vWii is Good to go…You can Still Install the Homebrew Channel..
All UsbLoaders like Wiiflow Still Works 🙂