WiiU CFW a little bit closer

The guys at WiiuBru team got a little bit closer to cfw, by being able to boot a fw.img of the root of a SD card after booting a certain elf off HBL. They have been working on it pretty much in the public eye so a lot of the files being traded back and forth have made their way to different sites without full explanation so I feel like this thread was to clear everything up. That being said they probably also wanted to prevent bricks due to misuse and potentially a screwed up fw.img and they fully warn to not use this unless you have a good idea what you’re doing.


However! A “CFW Booter” is not useful without a modified fw.img file to use it with… Thanks to the effort of @smealum several months ago, and his release of iosuhax, making a fw.img with modified patches is as easy as reading and running his code. Anyone can do this now using the above booter, BUT if you use random fw.img’s lying around, that’s at your own risk.


They also built his wupserver client that was part of iosuhax which allows you to interact with your wiiu from the iosu side dump files. However they have not perfected the full NAND dump procedure yet, but actively getting closer to it.


As fw.img files are copyright Nintendo, we cannot provide them to you directly. Instead here are the instructions on how to make a wupserver fw.img, and here is a patch that you can apply to one downloaded from NUS. You can do this with the lates JNustool with We know these instructions aren’t great, but you can ask if you have questions. Just please /please/ stop running unfinished, dangerous “rednand fw.img’s”

Once you run the wupserver on your Wii U by placing that fw.img on the root of your SD and running our elf above, you can connect to it either with a modified version of smea’s wupclient.py or the new wupclientgui.py that was developed. Both are available here:http://www.wiiubru.com/appstore/wupclientgui.zip . And if you hate python, a Java Gui version is on the way.


Also they heavily warn not to use random fw.img’s lying around that are not endorsed by them because they cannot speak to their legitimacy and potential for irreparable damage is unknown. Also they actively welcome people to come to them and work together on these things. They seem inclusive and would appreciate active contribution in the goal of making more tools. 






Teams site: WiiuBru.Com


Also their twitter


  • Rukariouzu

    Instead of warning people about bad fw.img files laying around, they should actively release their current fw.img for the public to prevent people from any risk. To me, that would be the most respectable and logical thing to do–more mature, at least.

    Files were leaked due to negligence, someone should at least own up to it and make it “right.”

    That’s just what I think, though. If everything was open source all of this would be finished by now. But everyone in “teams” are wanting the credit… it just seems like an e-peen game in the modding scene. (Any modding scene for anything, really.)

    The Wii U Development has gone rather nicely. But I think CEMU has more speed for development than the Wii U Modding so far. I think the pace needs picked up a little bit or everyone might jump on the CEMU bandwagon and dump their Wii U’s to the pawnshops.

    inb4 “do it ur fukkin self” — I get it, it takes time. But to me these projects should be open source in order to increase longevity, stabilization, and just overall improvement.

  • Rukariouzu

    The fw.img files should be openly hosted and officially linked, if not already.

    As long as that’s the case, no blame can be made on them if others use different fw.img’s.