WiiU system update finally coming within the week! New features!


So its been a while since I last switched on my WiiU, and even then it was only to update to 2.1.3 and play with google street view 😛

Having heard about the next update, I have been anxiously waiting for a reason to turn that magnificent new dust collector on and here are some updated reasons why:

  • Decreased loading times
  • Copy and move data between two USB drives
  • Auto-install software in the background while playing another title
  • Auto-receive updates without having to start up software
  • Hold B when turning your Wii U on will start up in Wii mode
  • New standby function will let the Wii U continue to download and install software

Along with the news that the virtual console games such as Super Mario World and Super Metroid will start dropping a day or two after this update, each with off screen play and their own miiverse communities, AND the news that GBA and N64 title will be coming to VC at a later date, it seems like its finally getting some momentum behind it!