WiiUHax.com Tutorial: How to Get Wii Backups Working on the Wii U By BobbyBlunt And NeoSabin

We had this one up earlier, but some drama caused by the mentally unstable writer d0rks0ul aka twat420 aka Tehruler, meant that it was destroyed, but the silly child didn’t realise, that nothing is truly destroyed, so here it is and sorry for the inconvenience, in future i wont little silly little children have access to posts 🙂


Read these instructions carefully, at least twice before proceeding. Never mix and match Wii and Wii U WAD files. The two are separate things. Failure to follow instructions or warnings may result in brick. Following this tutorial may result in voiding your system warranty.
WiiUHax.com and its authors are NOT resposible for any damage or loss that may occur by following this tutorial.

Step #1: Follow the WiiUHax.com .Wad Manager Tutorial if you haven’t already done so. (If you’ve run it before and are having problems getting backups working after this tutorial, follow that tutorial again and start this one from the beginning.)

Step #2 (optional): Backup your Wii Mode NAND using our guide *LINK COMING SOON*

Step #3: Download D2X cIOS Installer 2.2 and d2x-v10-beta53-alt-vWii.zip (You should have a folder ‘d2x-v10-beta53-alt-vWii’ in the d2x cios installer v2.2 folder. So it should look something like this: /apps/d2x cIOS Installer 2.2/d2x-v10-beta53-alt-vWii). Also download the latest version of WiiFlow

Step #4: Extract the D2x cIOS 2.2 installer first. Move to the APPS folder on your SD card. Then extract and move the d2x-v10-beta53-alt.vWii.zip files to the D2X Installer folder in your \apps\ Extract the latest version of WiiFlow to your \apps\ folder too

Step #5: You need the following THREE files in the root of your SD card:

How to get them:

  • Download Bluedump 0.3 and extract the files to folder titled Bluedump 0.4a
  • Rename bluedump-alpha04.dol to boot.dol and place it in a folder titled Bluedump 0.4a in your /apps/ folder of your SD card (You should have /apps/Bluedump 0.4a/boot.dol)
  • Launch BlueDump via HBC. With the arrow on “00000001 – SYSTEM TITLES” Press the A Button. Using the D-PAD press DOWN until you are on the desired system title and then press the ’1? Button on your Wii Mote. Using the D-PAD change the bracket selection to “Save as WAD” and press the A button, press A Button again for “Save to SD”.
  • Go to the \BlueDump\WAD\ folder on your SD. Rename the 56, 57, 58 WADs according to the filenames: IOS56-64-v5918.wad, IOS57-64-v6175.wad, and IOS58-64-v6432.wad Move them to the ROOT of your SD card.

Step #6:Boot into Wii Mode, launch HBC, and from there launch d2x cios installer. Press A to get past the intro screen, and press A again when prompted about selecting IOS 236.

Step #7: You should now be at the INSTALLATION PROCESS screen. There should be an arrow under SETTINGS on “Select Cios”.

  • Using the D-PAD press RIGHT until you can see “d2x-v10-beta53-alt.vWii” in the “Select cIOS” brackets. Once that is selected, press DOWN on the DPAD, moving the arrow to “Select cIOS base”. Press RIGHT until “56? is in the brackets. (leave “Select cIOS slot” at “249?) With “d2x-v10-beta53-alt.vWii” under “Select cIOS” and “Select cIOS base” on “56? Press A.
  • Once it installs press A to continue. Now change the “Select cIOS base” to “57 slot 250 and Press A, then Press A again to continue.
  • Now finally change the “Select cIOS” base to “58 slot 251 and Press A then press B to quit once the installation successfully completes.

Step #8:Return to HBC, plug in your USB device to the Wii U’s back upper-most USB port, launch WiiFlow and enjoy playing Wii Backups on your Wii U!


That’s it! You should now be able to launch WiiFlow and load Wii Backups. (NOTE: as of the time of this writing USBLoader GX does not appear to work, future updates should fix this)

This tutorial was created by BobbyBlunt And NeoSabin, enjoy 🙂
A special thanks to bubba for his contributions to this tutorial.


PS d0rks0ul why don’t you go back to leaking fake PS3 keys with your boyfriend link0

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  • Idzuna

    I still had a problem loading but I fixed it using MMM to force load cIOS249 and run WiiFlow like that

    • Josh Muckey

      for some reason i can’t get wiiflow to see my usb flashdrive 16 gb sandisk fat32 is the partition table i am using and top back port please help if you can

      • Idzuna

        You should use WiiBackupManager to load backups onto your drive, it
        sorts out the folder and file formats for you. If you already have the
        correct structure/formats it might be that your drive is not supported.
        There was a WiiFlow compatibility list floating around somewhere.

        I got it working on my Sandisk 8Gb as a test though. So maybe its the
        format? Be sure to press the home button and ‘reload cache’ to get any
        new titles added to the card though.

        • Josh Muckey

          would it be possible to rar up and send me the contents of your sd card pertaining to anything relevant to wiiflow or the process to get it started??? when i go into wiiflow there is no option to change ios or anything of the sort sometimes it will let me swtich from sd to usb but for some reason it doesn’t allow it most often i have used the tut or this site with the exception that i put the ios 56-249 57-250-58-251

          • Idzuna

            Can do, but I won’t be able to for a few days (traveling atm).

            slot 251 is usually used for bootmii so I followed the instructions to the letter (meaning I have base 58 on slot 249, which I might try switch back to base 56 like the d2x installer suggests)

            Until I get back to my Wii U try this way;

            1 – Run Multi-Mod Manager which came from step #1 of the tutorial

            2 – Scroll down to Load another ios (at the bottom)

            3 – Load ios 249 (in my case its the base 58 one)

            4 – Scroll up to Apps and load WIIFLOW

            5 – From there your backups should load

            This is all given that you actually manage to see your backups in WiiFlow

          • Josh Muckey

            and that is my problem is they do not show in wiiflow is there any reason why it wouldn’t because i can use the same stick on a regular modded wii and it works just fine for usb loader gx

          • Idzuna

            I had problems using my hdd in usb loader GX (because of my USB hub i guess), have you tried using it on the wiiU instead of wiiFlow?

            My Hdd that works with WiiFlow is FAT32
            example backup:
            F:wbfsAnimal Crossing Wii [RUUE01]RUUE01.wbfs

  • This was helpful. Thank you for the step-by-step.
    FYI, Step #5 using Bluedump; bluedump would not show titles and gave error #106 when I ran it directly through HBC. However, if I ran it via MMM’s app manager, it worked perfectly. Two of my three Wii backup HDs will not run on the Wii U. I haven’t checked to see what file system is on one failed drive, but, I know one of the failures is formated in WBFS and the working HD is formated FAT32. Maybe a connection in the file system format.
    A word to the wise; if you power on the Wii U with the Wii backup drive attached, the Wii U OS will ask to format it for Wii U use. Therefore, Its a good idea to unplug the backup, prior to powering up the Wii U.

  • bryat

    can anybody help. I had a dsi exception everytime I try to dump the 56,57,58 wads to sd card with bluedump 0.4

  • i cant get bluedump working and i used MMM and it still didn’t work

  • Omegaken

    getting the same problem….bluedump is giving me errors no matter which way i try and start it

    EDIT: figured out my problem…ios 38 kept loading….so using MMM loaded 236 then ran the bluedump from MMM


  • Wisa

    Same problem: bluedump crashes. If I load MMM, the wiimote won’t respond so the only thing I can do is switching the wii u off.