WiiUHax.com TUTORIAL: How to install .WAD files in WiiMode on your Wii U (UPDATE)


(A) 1 or 2GB SD card FAT32 formatted
(B) boot.elf from hackmii_installer_v1.2 in the root of your SD Card
(C) Smash stack hack files on your SD
(D) MMM in your \apps\ folder
(E) IOS236 Installer MOD v6 Special vWii Edition (v2, w/ latest HW_AHBPROT patches) folder in your \apps\ directory
(F) IOS36-64-v3864.WAD file in your SD root (hint: google ‘sendspace kl6o78’ and download the sendspace file)
(G) Your other desired *.WAD (games, emus) in \WAD\ on your SD CARD

* IMPORTANT: Do NOT insert your SD card before STEP #3 below *


#1 Power on your Wii U, insert SSBB disc and launch Wii Mode.
#2 Once in Wii mode launch the Wii Disc Channel
#3 When the health warnings appear, insert your SD card
#4 Navigate in the menu to VAULT, and select STAGE BUILDER.
#5 Follow the instructions on screen and select INSTALL HOMEBREW CHANNEL.
#6 Launch IOS236 Installer MOD v6 Special vWii Edition from HBC
#7 Launch MMM, press the LEFT direction once on the DPAD, and then navigate to “236” and press A.
#8 Install your favorite WADs
#9 Profit.

credit: bubba (WiiUHax.com) (big thanks for walking me through all the steps!), damysteryman (modified IOS236 installer for use on Wii U vWii)


UPDATE: Added link to v2 IOS 236 Installer MOD w/ latest HW_AHBPROT patches

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  • JbrockPony

    Hey I got the homebrew channel installed but I can’t install wads. My Wii U will not let me use the app IOS 236 Installer MOD w/ latest HW_AHBPROT patches. It goes to a black screen. And I can’t continue forward to MMM since I can’t even use the IOS36. Any tips to fix?

    • themc

      can you reupload the installer mod they removed it from their page

  • themc

    im missing the installer mod the link referes back to the host with a bunch of downloads but they removed that one ?

    • themc

      on the forum there is a link under this thread with an all in one package. you can take the installer mod from that pack !

  • Dario Angel Ponce

    I get to step 7 and I get a message on MMM saying “Did not complete”…. Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  • Hi,
    I have a WiiU PAL and SSBB NTSC-U, can work with this WiiU and this procedure??
    thank you

    • Jacob Palmer

      As long as you can find a way to get SSBB to read on your PAL Wii U, you should be fine, just use a NTSC version of Smash Stack.

  • Adam Soltys

    not sure what im doing wrong. i got all the files in the right places .. but when i goto stage builder.. then to the SD card .. it just hangs with a single note playing.. no menu. any idea what i could be doing wrong?

    • Jacob Palmer

      After the health warning screen, insert the SD card. Only after the health warning screen when you launch the game. Then try go to stage builder and see what happens

  • Wisa

    I’m having problems with MMM: once loaded, it does not respond to the wiimote. In fact, the wiimote is off (all leds off). The only thing I can do is switch the wii u off.

  • tiagobaddog7

    Thanks for tutorial.