WiiUHaX Is Back

Well you are reading this, so that can only mean one thing, WiiUHaX is back again and i am happy 🙂

I would like to thank the staff at WestHosts for helping me get everything sorted, i hop i remain with this hosting provider for a long time and i hope they are far better than my old hosts.

Now back to what i enjoy, post news 🙂


  • asd#

    I don’t see any wiiU hacks…your not back

    • Try looking properly, then maybe you will see them….

  • Anwar

    Welcome back “again” 😛

    Were you guys fighting to bring the site back online or you didn’t even know that the site was down? This time was a huge outage.

    • Thanks 🙂
      No the old hosts were donkeys and just decided to cut access to the website for no reason, claiming heavy load, so i moved to new hosts and there was a problem with some of the config files.