Win PS Vita 3G To SD Card Adaptor And More – #HENkaku #Enso

Last month on the 30th was PlayStationHaX third birthday, i had planned to write an article about it then and create this competition, but my Son came early and i took the next month off the internet, so here it is.







You can win one of three prizes, so there are three chances of winning:

1st Prize

The beautiful PS Vita 3G To SD Card Adaptor created by @Yifan Lu

This device can ONLY be used in a 3G PS Vita, more information can be found here





2nd Prize

SD2Vita SD Car Adaptor created by @centrino

This goes into the Game Cart slot on your PS Vita.






3rd Prize

PS Vita Memory Card Adaptor created by RichDevX

This fits into the memory card slot, but does not give you the ability to add storage, it is more for collectors or developers.




All you have to do to enter, is create a post below, or if reading this on the front page, follow the link below to the forum thread and create a post

In your post all you have to do is state your favourite PS Vita Homebrew


The rules are simple:

  • Anyone can participate.
  • Only one post per person, this will guarantee that someone won’t win more than one prize. 
  • The post MUST contain the name of your favourite Homebrew.
  • No multiple account entries.
  • Competition ends on 30th September 2017




Yifan, centrino and RichDevX are not affiliated with this competition, so they can enter if they want to.


For more information and help, visit the forum thread by visiting the link below:
Win PS Vita 3G To SD Card Adaptor And More – #HENkaku #Enso


    Nintendo 64 emulation at its GREATEST !!! DaedalusX64- RETRO is the NAME well it isnt but it sure plays the games i want without hauling my n64 out the attic and i can take retro out on the go with me top banana ! Love my Vita love my PS4 pro $ony forever…