[WIP] Portal DS – Homebrew Portal For Nintendo DS

A French Homebrew Developer called Smealum, has been quite busy porting the popular Portal game to the Nintendo DS, here is the most recent video:

Some information:

not many new features, mostly just a video to show off some of the new graphics that Lobo has been feeding me over the last few days. so far I’m very satisfied with how things look so I figured I’d share. 😀
not much stuff that’s really new, but overall everything’s been improved. for instance, momentum is better handled, the rigid body physics are better (back to 16 objects max), portal shooting is better (can’t have portals that aren’t entirely on walls anymore, and the game recenters them for you if necessary), the player collision system was improved (higher camera/taller player), the playground is bigger etc. so yeah, you probably can’t see much of a difference, but I swear it’s there.
here’s a video showing some of the updates i’ve been working on for my DS portal adaptation. This is still extremely early footage so please don’t be too harsh. Lots of debug features are present, including the ability to fly, see portals through walls and move cubes from a distance.
Also, keep in mind this was shot in an emulator which provides good but still less than perfect rendering. As such, be aware that most (not all, but still) of the graphical glitches you can see in this video don’t happen on hardware (mostly the portal transition is a lot nicer on an actual DS).
The main new feature here is the cubes, which run thanks to a simple rigid body physics engine I wrote for the game. The feature is still a work in progress and I hope I’ll be able to improve performance, but so far I think it looks good.