[WIP] Use Wii U GamePad On A PC

vashgs a member on GBATemp posted a video showing him use the Wii U GamePad on his PC, here is a quote from the thread, followed by the video:

A couple of days ago I read a thread concerning the use of Wii U’s GamePad as an input method on one’s PC. All of the posts I read basically reiterated the same issue: “You need a hacked Wii U to better understand the data transfer protocol used with the GamePad.”

I, for one, think that notion is just silly. We have a perfectly good web browser at our disposal, and I’m certainly not going to waste that potential. Now it is true that we can only use a limited amount of the GamePad’s functionality from the web browser, it is still better than sitting around idly waiting for others to do the hacking.

And so, I present to you, my solution for GamePad input. I will update this post as I further develop it:

Current Progress: Full input support!
Next Step: Public Release…