yellows8 Releases Awesome 3DS Exploits


Smealum is a big name in the 3DS scene, probably the biggest and most well known, but another name yellows8 is an awesome developer in his own right and has released some kick ass exploits for the 3DS as well as adding his own work to Smealums releases.

Here are some of the exploits yellows8 released recently:


yellows8 Releases Awesome 3DS Exploits

browserhax fright

This is an exploit for libstagefright used in the Nintendo New3DS system Internet Browser. This was originally implemented on August 6-7, 2015.



WebKit haxx

These are Nintendo 3DS system web-browser webkit exploits for Old3DS and New3DS.

This requires the following repo: See that repo for usage info as well.

These are webkit exploits, so you may have to retry them multiple times before they work correctly without crashing.

Two exploits are contained here, one is implemented only for Old3DS, and the other is only implemented for New3DS:



Home Menu haxx

When Home Menu is starting up, it can load theme-data from the home-menu theme SD extdata. The flaw can be triggered from here. The ROP starts running at roughly the same time the LCD backlight gets turned on.

Although this triggers during Home Menu boot, this can’t cause any true bricks: just remove the *SD card if any booting issues ever occur(or delete/rename the theme-cache extdata directory). Note that this also applies when the ROP causes a crash, like when the ROP is for a different version of Home Menu(this can also happen if you boot into a nandimage which has a different Home Menu version, but still uses the exact same SD data).

Since this is a theme exploit, a normal theme can’t be used unless you build with the THEMEDATA_PATH option below(the ROP runs a good while after the theme is loaded). Due to how this hax works, the theme is really only usable for BGM(as described below).




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