Yifan Lu On Reversing Gateway Ultra

Most of you on the forum, know that i am quite anti reDRM dongles and such piracy devices as Gateway type flash carts, no its not because they allow you to pirate, its because the people behind them charge extortionate prices, but worse than that, they add their own type of security which contradicts the whole reason for breaking the security of your console in the first place.

Its your console, you bought it, you paid it with your own money, so if you want to hack it you have every right to do so, so why buy a circumvention device which lets you hack the console but doesn’t let you beak the security on the device.

This is one of the reasons i am super excited by the fact that well know hardware hacking guru Yifan Lu is looking at circumventing the horrible Gateway device, here is a quote from his blog:

Yifan Lu On Reversing Gateway Ultra

As a break from Vita hacking, I’ve decided to play around with the Nintendo 3DS exploit released by Gateway yesterday. The 3DS is a much easier console to hack, but unfortunately, the scene is dominated by a piracy company who, ironically, implement various “features” to protect their intellectual property (one such feature purposely bricks any user of a cloned piracy cart–and also “legitimate” users too). Ethics aside, it would be useful to reverse Gateway’s exploits and use them for homebrew loading so I took a quick look at it. The first stage of the exploit is an entry-point into the system that allows code to run in the unprivileged user-mode. It is usually used to exploit a kernel vulnerability, which is the second stage. In the unique case of Gateway, the first stage is broken up into two parts (in order for them to obfuscate their payload). I am only going to look at the first part for now.

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