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Zelda: Breath of the Wild has a Season Pass

February 15, 2017 GregoryRasputin 0

Producer Eiji Aonuma has announced that Breath of the Wild will have an Expansion Pass (Season Pass).




The Expansion Pass will cost 19,99 euro. In return you’ll receive three DLC-packs. DLC-Packs will not be sold seperatly, so if you want the extra content you’ll have to buy the full Expansion Pass.


What do you get?


  • DLC Pack 1:

    • Cave of Trials Challenge
    • A new Hard Mode
    • Extra Map Features
  • DLC Pack 2:

    • A new story
    • A new dungeon
    • Extra Challenges
  • Three new chests:

    • With items
    • Exclusive in-game outfits


The chests will be available at launch, but you’ll have to wait till the summer of 2017 to play DLC Pack 1. DLC Pack 2 will be released at the end of this year.


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LameIRCU – brenj

February 14, 2017 thezander 0

User brenj at GBATemp has released and consistently updated an IRC client for the WiiU. It currently only connects to freenode, but he has been making revisions to it on a regular basis so perhaps more options will come in the future. It also uses an attached USB keyboard so no gamepad keyboard it seems. 


the steps for using are pretty straight forward


Steps to connect:
1. Choose your keyboard layout: (1) US, (2) UK, (3) JAP (4) DANISH (5) FR (6) GER (7) ITA (8) DUTCH (9) POR (0) SPA (F1) RUS
2. Enter your username
3. Enter your password
4. Enter the channel to connect to
5. Profit!


It’s a neat piece of homebrew software, some people like to use their consoles for IRC chat I have come to learn and those online clients can be kind of whack.


Source :


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Ben Heck’s Portable N64 2017

February 11, 2017 GregoryRasputin 1

Ben Heck is well known for creating his portable builds of home consoles, he previously did a portable N64, but there have been advancements in technology since then, so he can make an even better portable N64:




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Nintendo 3DS FW Update 11.3

February 7, 2017 GregoryRasputin 1

3DS Smealum has been posting a bunch of things starting last night because of the new Nintendo 3DS update. Most times he seems that they are menial fixes however this new one he states might require a bit more effort.





It is advised not to update at the moment.